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This is a blog page to vent, give updates, and talk about my writing and adventures in the realm of paranormal erotica. This is a safe space. It is purely meant as a support system and sounding board for those of us with… specific cravings.

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And Now, A Word…

I just had to tell you all that face to face. In case you are curious, I AM in a short film! So, in a way, I do have acting experience, but I have included the extent of that in this blog. I’m sorry to disappoint anyone who thinks I am truly a COVID crisisContinue reading “And Now, A Word…”

Somebody Take the Wheel.

You know? Being a healthcare professional in the world right now is hard. I have never had to deal with the amount of stress, disrespect, misinformation, disgust, and horror that I experience now. Today, my partner at the pharmacy I work at had a mental breakdown. 😞. He’s only been a pharmacist for a littleContinue reading “Somebody Take the Wheel.”

And Now… We Wait.

Hello everyone! Weird hearing from me, right? LoL Well, I have been SUPER busy as of late, mostly with things that are causing me great deals of stress (COVID, stupidity, people in general, the medical field, etc.). However, I have some FANTASTIC news to report! During the anguish of day to day life, I completedContinue reading “And Now… We Wait.”

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