Technologically Dumb

So… I’m beginning to realize how unfortunately inept I am at building web pages, blogs, etc. LoL If this website ends up looking like crap, this is why. I have literally never done anything like this before. Hell, maybe I should ask someone to do it for me. Maybe someday I will, but for now, this is what you get! I have tried working on it on my iPhone too thinking that since I use it more than my laptop, I may actually understand it better. That was a resounding no. Oh, well! So much for any of this being simple. And yes, before you start thinking it, I am an older individual. Not, like, dinosaur old, but making-your-MySpace-page old. Things, including technology were so much simpler then….. But enough reminiscing! It’s time to get to work! Wish me luck and feel free to share any tips and tricks! Thanks! Love and Lust to you all!

Published by ecraft409

Writer of horror, erotica, and horrerotica (totally made up). LoL

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