Me, Myself, and I

I am a middle-aged woman in the middle of the southern United States. I work a very stressful full-time job and always battling anxiety and depression. I have a husband and no children. I live in a very boring and conventional (and conservative) neighborhood. I feel like a black sheep in my town and family. I mostly keep to myself. One thing I have always found fascinating is horror. My love for the genre started at an early age and I have clung to it like a drug ever since. As I began to get older and bloom into the flower I am now, I noticed that the things that turned me on were a little… unconventional. I had always possessed a lot of love for movie and literary monsters of all shapes and sizes, but never had I pictured them in the way my mind was starting to twist them. Suddenly, I found myself dreaming of vampires crawling through my window at night, werewolves stealing me from my tent in the middle of a camping trip, phantoms invading my “personal spaces,” etc. Eventually, I realized that I was having the same steamy and horrific visions in waking fantasies as well as sleeping ones. My fantasies have been locked away in the haunted, decrepit house in my mind for years. Only recently have I had the courage to bring them into the light. What will happen when I release these ravenous creatures to prey upon the world? Only a little time will tell…

Published by ecraft409

Writer of horror, erotica, and horrerotica (totally made up). LoL

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