When Inspiration Hits

One of the most unfortunate things I’ve experienced in this process is the fact that some of my best inspiration hits at the WORST possible times!! Great ideas never seem to crawl into my headspace when I’ve planted myself in front of my laptop determined to create something. No… It hits when I’m driving to work and there’s literally nowhere to go! Suddenly, I have a decision to make: pull over immediately and dictate everything that’s flowing out of my head like some sort of religious prophet struck with a vision and be late for work, or just let it go, make it to work on time, then risk forgetting some of the best parts! Of course, I choose the job thing because, you know, survival. Then, I spend all day trying to write a couple of words here and there or talking to my coworkers about it just to try and keep it stored in a room in my mind hotel. I say hotel because I constantly have thoughts and ideas coming and going for temporary vacations. LoL Another time I get really good ideas are in the middle of the night when I’m in that small space between dreams and waking reality. I don’t really have a good excuse for this one, except that I really don’t want to wake my husband up in the middle of the night because I’ve just pictured the hottest sex scene with a werewolf the world has every heard. I’m pretty sure, despite all the support I get from him, this would be at least somewhat irritating. LoL So, around and around I go on my carousel of steamy ideas and inspiration trying to catch the right moment to lure one out of it’s “hotel room” at the appropriate time. What do you all do for those moments? Any ideas I can add to my arsenal are appreciated! As always, I will keep you all updated with everything and feel free to comment and visit me on Facebook any time! Love and lust to all of you!

Published by ecraft409

Writer of horror, erotica, and horrerotica (totally made up). LoL

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