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And Now, A Word…

I just had to tell you all that face to face. In case you are curious, I AM in a short film! So, in a way, I do have acting experience, but I have included the extent of that in this blog. I’m sorry to disappoint anyone who thinks I am truly a COVID crisisContinue reading “And Now, A Word…”

Somebody Take the Wheel.

You know? Being a healthcare professional in the world right now is hard. I have never had to deal with the amount of stress, disrespect, misinformation, disgust, and horror that I experience now. Today, my partner at the pharmacy I work at had a mental breakdown. 😞. He’s only been a pharmacist for a littleContinue reading “Somebody Take the Wheel.”

And Now… We Wait.

Hello everyone! Weird hearing from me, right? LoL Well, I have been SUPER busy as of late, mostly with things that are causing me great deals of stress (COVID, stupidity, people in general, the medical field, etc.). However, I have some FANTASTIC news to report! During the anguish of day to day life, I completedContinue reading “And Now… We Wait.”

I’m Back…..

Hello, my lovely friends! It’s been a while! I have had so much on my plate recently I can’t even begin to reiterate what I’ve been going through with life, work, health, etc. It’s been a ride, and not a pleasant one. However, the good news is I’M BACK!!!! That’s right! I’ve started writing again!Continue reading “I’m Back…..”

Curses!… Literally

Hello, everyone! So, today has been a really hard day. Don’t worry, I haven’t lost anyone or anything. It’s not been THAT kind of hard. It’s just been a really… anxiety heavy day. It’s hard to talk about sometimes, you know? A lot of people won’t take you seriously if you just complain about anxiety.Continue reading “Curses!… Literally”


Okay. Serious question: How in the world do you decide how and where to cut a story into chapters? The more I think of it, the harder it seems to be. Maybe I’m just thinking too much about it. To me, my writing is just one long, flowing bit of work. It’s kind of likeContinue reading “Chapters”

Tiny Update

Hey everyone! Just a small update for you guys that are keeping up: I have added my Twitter account on the page for you all to see too! It will help you get an idea of who I am as a person, what my interests are, etc. You all are coming with me on thisContinue reading “Tiny Update”

A Breakthrough!!

YES!!!! I have finally had a breakthrough, my friends! I don’t know if you have ever had the inconvenience (and frustration) of trying to find the PERFECT name for a character, but it is legit a pain in the ass!! But, I am here today to make an announcement: I FOUND IT!!! So, the storyContinue reading “A Breakthrough!!”


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